Timemore Chestnut C3 ESP Manual Grinder

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With 30 clicks per rotation and 0.0233mm per click on the internal dial, the Timemore Chestnut C3 ESP ensures you have 100% precision control of fine and coarse grinding. With its precise grind size control, the Chestnut C3 ESP hand coffee grinder ensures uniform particle size distribution, allowing for enhanced extraction and a perfect espresso shot every time.

Featuring an upgraded Spike-to-Cut (S2C) 660 burr set, based on the popular S2C 860 burrs in the Chestnut X, the Chestnut C3 ESP provides better cutting performance, ensuring your coffee beans taste their best with consistent and swift grinding, preserving the flavour of your coffee beans.

The Timemore C3 ESP manual grinder has also been upgraded to an all-metal aluminum alloy body, with no plastic parts inside, built for precise grinding and durability. Fixed with a dual-bearing design, the C3 ESP makes the grinding process more detailed and the coffee grounds more uniform.

With a diameter of 52mm (2.05in) and weighing in at 530g (18.7oz) the Chestnut C3 ESP is easy to hold and carry and has a generous capacity of 20g (0.71oz), enough for a cup or two of coffee.