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Quietly Coffee - Shady Lane, Mexico CafeCo 340g (12oz)

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Roasted March 21

Tasting Notes: 
Apple Cider & Gingersnap Cookies.
Chiapas, La Concordia.
Small lot producers in Nuevo Paraiso.
Cattura, Typica, Bourbon & Marsellesa.
Aleco at Red Fox Merchants.

Notes from Lee at Quietly:

People have been drinking dark roasts for over two-centuries and it seems both short-sighted and careless to ignore history. And yet if you roast too dark, all of the unique flavours of origin are lost and you simply taste the bitter burn and one-dimensional char of the roast process itself.

Shady Lane is a new way of roasting that uses a gentle approach and precise technique to strike a compromise: it engages in our coffee past with an approachable low-acidity  but also showcases the deeply sweet and delicious chocolaty notes possible with particular origins. It is new and old because as the Pavement song concludes, "the worlds collide, but all that we want is a shady lane". 

Cafeco is an emerging star in Mexico’s specialty coffee scene. Over the last four years, they have become a central hub for farmers around Nuevo Paraiso focusing on infrastructure, including a large nursery and warehouse for storage. By offering rust-resistant plants, they have increased both crop yields and cup quality. They are always looking to improve aiming to install a dry mill to further separate individual lots! This lot is organic certified.  

This lot is the 'La Concordia Especial' reflecting its selection of the top lots from CafeCo producers. You can certainly experience the choice quality in the cup with its rich sugars and lovely malic acidity. It opens on cooked apple, think of warm cider or the gooey center of a turnover. This pleasantly mild acidity gives way to heavy caramels with hint of cocoa around the edges. The finish has a delicate spice, think of nutmeg and ginger in cookie form.