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Quietly Coffee - Shady Lane, Guatemala 340g (12oz)

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Roasted July 20

Tasting Notes: 
Classic with Tangerine & Crispy Crunch. 
La Libertad, Huehuetenango.
Los Arroyos. 
Cattura, Catuai & Pache. 
Fully Washed
Aleco at Red Fox Merchants.

Notes from Lee at Quietly:

People have been drinking dark roasts for over two-centuries and it seems both short-sighted and careless to ignore history. And yet if you roast too dark, all of the unique flavours of origin are lost and you simply taste the bitter burn and one-dimensional char of the roast process itself.

Shady Lane is a new way of roasting that uses a gentle approach and precise technique to strike a compromise: it engages in our coffee past with an approachable low-acidity but also showcases the deeply sweet and delicious chocolaty notes possible with particular origins. It is new and old because as the Pavement song concludes, "the worlds collide, but all that we want is a shady lane". 

Felipe Venenciano Martinez Lopez and his three sons own and operate the Los Arroyos farm. It spans 40 hectares across the steep and rugged slopes of La Libertad. The family uses four onsite wet mills, which are located in their big and blooming coffee fields. These smaller processing points then funnel to a central mill and drying patio in the lower stretches of the farm. 

This lot from the Lopez family is a perfect profile fit for Shady Lane. It opens with the mellow acidity of a blood orange or tangerine before going into deeper caramel and toffee flavours. There is a nice backdrop of hazelnut that compliments the big body and the intensive cocoa sweetness. It all comes together with the satisfying bite of a crispy crunch bar.