Quietly Coffee - Rwanda Akagera & Fugi 340g (12oz)

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Roasted April 10

Violet Florals, Santa Rosa Plum & Cherry Slurpee.
Nyamasheke District, Western Province
& Nyaruguru District, Southern Province.

Akagera & Fugi.
Red Bourbon.
72 hour Anaerobic Natural.
Baho & Semilla.

Notes from Lee at Quietly:

We have been working with Baho since the start of Quietly both because of their amazing coffee and the high levels of traceability. They have a number of programs to separate particular lots by either individual microregions or particular producers, as demonstrated with our Ikizere Women Group. In this case of this particular lot the guiding criteria for Baho owner Emmanuel Rusatira was 'ukuri', which in Kinyarwanda translates to 'truth' in reference to his conviction that "Rwandese coffee is inherently great". In other words, this is a collection of the lots that Emmanuel appreciates the most. 

The lot is a combination of crops from both the Kobakanya and the Fugi Washing Stations. Once sorted and floated, cherries underwent the same low oxygen processing by being sealed in bags for 12 hours and then placed in closed plastic barrels to ferment for 72 hours. Often called 'anaerobic' the process refers so the yeast and bacteria entering an 'anerobic state' fostered by the lack of oxygen. They convert sugars and acids in the coffee mucilage to create an intensely fruit-forward profile.  In the final stage for this lot, cherries move to raised drying beds in direct sunlight and under solar dryers for 50 to 55 days.
We have been huge fans of the Baho Intango lots for years at Quietly for their lush grape jelly and turkish delight notes. While sadly this is a more conventional approach towards low oxygen processing, the cup is anything but disappointing. You can expect huge floral notes, which mix fresh violet and wild rose. There is a big juicy plum acidity that gives way to sticky and candy-like flavours. Think the syrupy pool of a melted block of frozen strawberries or the neon hit of a cherry Slurpee because the cup is very juicy and very sweet.