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Quietly Coffee - Peru Raúl Flores 340g (12oz)

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Roasted September 14

Tasting Notes:
Limeade, Guava & Floral Jasmine.
Diamante, San Ignacio, Cajamarca.
La Productiva.
Yellow Caturra.
Fully Washed.
Balsam Coffee Projects.

Notes from Lee at Quietly:


Raúl Flores is the owner of La Productiva farm. This is his first time exporting his coffee with thanks to his cousin David Flores, who is a familiar name in specialty circles. The small community of producers in Diamante have spent the last several years heavily focused on growing conditions and processing, vastly improving the cup quality. Raúl’s farm is among the highest in the Diamante area and his crops benefit from its damp microclimate.

When I first cupped this coffee, I had to double check the sample label because of the bright citric acidity. Think limeade or lemonade, bright but with a refreshing sugary backdrop. The cup has a great tropical feel with starfruit and guava mixing into a caramel finish. Very floral for a Cajamarca coffee but still full of body and sweetness you would associate with a great Peruvian cup.