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Quietly Coffee - Magnolia, Ethiopia 340g (12oz)

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Roasted March 8

Tasting Notes: 
Peach, Cara Cara Orange & Maple Syrup. 
Agaro Gera, Jimma, Oromia.
Members of Nano Genji. 
Local Landraces. 
Fully Washed.
Aleco at Red Fox Merchants.

Notes from Lee at Quietly:


Magnolia is my love letter to espresso. It delights in those surprisingly fruity shots with bright and sparkling acidity. It always seeks out sweetness paired with stunning clarity and vibrancy. It is all the best aspects of modern espresso and works to remind me that the possibilities for a good cup are endless when we forever seek coffees that are in bloom.  


Nano Genji is the sibling mill to the aptly revered Nano Challa (which we have featured on filter right now!). Given the demand for the station’s green, they established Nano Genji three years ago, complete with brand new penagos, dozens of drying beds, and opportunities for new members to join. It is a special coffee to Quietly because just as Nano Genji began processing its first lots, we started roasting our first batches. And their sparkling bright and beautifully sweet coffee is exactly the kind of cups we celebrate. This lot comes by way of larger Kata Muduga Cooperative Union and Aleco at Red Fox Merchants.

Nano Genji is amazingly lively and intensely sweet, which makes sense given its connection to Nano Challa. The cup opens with luxurious and rich juiciness of Cara Cara orange. This citric acidity pops against lush and summery stone fruit flavours, think peach pie or eating a nectarine over the sink. While the finish is tangy and honeyed mixing floral honeysuckle and jasmine with the lingering spice of candied ginger and maple syrup.