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Quietly Coffee - Magnolia, Ethiopia Bale Mtn 340g (12oz)

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 Roasted September 10 

Tasting Notes: 
Lychee, Blackberry & Cherry.
Werka, Guji.
Bale Mountain Farm.
Local Landraces.
Aleco at Red Fox Merchants.

Notes from Lee at Quietly:

Magnolia is my love letter to espresso. It delights in those surprisingly fruity shots with bright and sparkling acidity. It always seeks out sweetness paired with stunning clarity and vibrancy. It is all the best aspects of modern espresso and works to remind me that the possibilities for a good cup are endless when we forever seek coffees that are in bloom.  


Israel Degefa was gifted Bale Mountain Farm by his Grandmother Wagayehu Bekele Debela. He grew up working on the farm, which focused mainly on wheat and barley with only small lots of coffee. He has since pushed the farm not only to mainly coffee but specialty level coffee by implementing a high efficiency drip irrigation program, a nursery for raising quality seedlings, improved grading techniques, and excellent processing methods. 

Most of the coffee in the area grows in semi-wild forests, meaning excellent shade cover and genetic diversity. It fits the location, given the proximity to Bale Mountain National Park and the surrounding rivers, which feed into the Wabe Shebelle River. Given the natural wonder around Bale Mountain, it is unsurprising that the farm is dedicated to sustainability with Organic and Rain Forest Alliance certifications. 

I love sneaking in a super juicy, naturally processed Guji in Magnolia. Bale Mountain fits that bill perfectly with the big bite of a watermelon. There is lots of tropical acidity, with a standout lychee note that lands between strawberry, pear and rose water. The finish is clean with a round blackberry note bounding into the syrupy flavours of red cherry. Perfect Summer cup!