Quietly Coffee - Last Splash - Kenya Kamwangi 300g

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Roasted July 4

Tasting Notes: 
Blackcurrant, Wildflower Honey & Lime Coke.
Ngariama, Nyangeni, entral Province.
985 Active Members of Kirinyaga Station.
SL 28, SL 34, Ruiru 11 and Batian.
Fully Washed.
Aleco at Red Fox Merchants.

Notes from Lee at Quietly:

Last Splash always features washed processed coffees. These are lots in which the fruit and sticky mucilage layers of the coffee cherry are removed after being picked fresh. It is a multi-stage process involving floating cherries in water and then using a de-pulper, which might happen directly at the farm or at larger washing stations. Following a final washing stage, the cherry seeds will be dried on patios or raised beds.

While experimental processes are increasingly ubiquitous in specialty coffee circles, I want to always have a washed process on our menu. It is partially because on most mornings, I crave their brilliant clarity and vibrancy.  But also because they can offer a level of complexity and delicate body that will always having you reaching for the cup's last splash. 

You might wonder, why do I love washed lots? Well to draw upon The Breeder’s lyrics, it is pretty simple: “we have come for light, wholly, we have come for light, it's true”.

Kamwangi station is located in the buffer zone surrounding Mount Kenya National Park, which is home to a snowy mountain range. It both fosters lower temperatures perfect for a coffee micro lot and glacier feeds local rivers, which enable the stations extensive washing systems. 

The Kamwangi wash station (or ‘factory’ in Kenyan parlance) is owned and managed by the New Ngariama Farmers Cooperative Society. The cooperative operates a total of 3 stations in the region with Kamwangi being the largest. Established in 1983, it currently has roughly 985 active members who deliver fresh cherries to the station. All coffee is de-pulped and fermented but the highest grades go through an additional soak.  

Warm weather and fresh crop Kenya go hand in hand! This lot from Kamwangi sparkles with those hallmark blackcurrant and red berry flavours. There is a smooth vanilla note that goes along with an abundant floral sweetness. The ending is all cola flavours kept bright with citrus notes, think lime coke