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Quietly Coffee - Honduras, Gonzalo Garcia Aguilar 340g (12oz)

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Roasted September 5 


This coffee comes by way of the Honduran Coffee Alliance. Unlike traditional importers, their model is to help producers source, market, and sell directly to specialty roasters. As they state, it "ensures a fair and sustainable income for the producer" which is a productive "transformation" rather than just the typical "value chain". I began working with them by way of Canadian not-for-profit group SOCODEVI whose projects run the gambit from helping farmers deal with climate change to social housing to agro-forestry. 

Gonzalo is a second-generation farmer, whose parents instilled both an innovative approach to agriculture and the importance of education in their son. Gonzalo would go on to teach high school for several decades before turning back to farming  at “La Pastora”. Now 56, he has partnered with organizations like HEIFER International to continue to improve his crop’s quality. For Gonzalo, price volatility and high processing costs continue to prove an enormous challenge, but he relishes the ability to provide employment for this community and focuses on sustainability, ensuring coffee continues to grow in the beautiful Marcela area.

Sugar and spice and everything nice! Gonzalo Garcia Aguilar's coffee is a really balanced mixture of apricot and cooked peaches over the creamy butterscotch notes of a melted vanilla sundae. The cup has medium body and the finish is complex, with a mellow hint of milk chocolate but a much bigger hit of candied ginger; think of the bite of a gingersnap cookie. This cup perfectly tows that line between being a very approachable crowd pleaser and much more dynamic, fruit-forward wonder. 

Apricot, Butterscotch & Candied Ginger.
El Guayabal, Marcala, La Paz. 
La Pastora.
Bourbon & Ihcafe90.
Fully Washed.
Sean at Honduran Coffee Alliance.
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This is our first harvest from Gonzalo Garcia Aguilar.