Quietly Coffee - Colombia Daniel Muñoz 340g (12oz)

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Roasted February 13

Tasting Notes:
Jasmine, Apricot Jam & Cream Soda.
Llanada de Naranjos, San Agustin.
Villa Camil.
Pink Bourbon.

Notes from Lee at Quietly:


Daniel Muñoz comes to coffee by way of sugar. His family farm grew sugar cane and he started a panela factory in San Augustin before purchasing his Villa Camila farm. His aim was to grow special level coffee and interesting varieties, like this Pink Bourbon. As he states, “We have to have a life with purpose, we have to take care of the environment, we have to improve our quality of life, we have to commit ourselves 100% to quality” which is clear with this incredible lot. 

His coffee comes by way of the grower initiative Monkaaba. I had the great pleasure of meeting Esnaider Ortega Gomez and Didier Ortega from Monkaaba last year, when they came and visited the roaster with Brendan Adams from Semilla. The collectivist project that started with seven families seeking a cooperative “based on the principles of open access and community support”. As Brendan explains,  the “Monkaaba project has blossomed into a tight-knit network of 60 families, all of whom are driven by an interest to know more about their coffee, how it might be improved, and how they can form resilient, stable relationships”. For information on the group's crucial work, please read more: here.

Pink Bourbon is a hybrid stemming from Red and Yellow Bourbon with a slight influence from Catimor varieties. It it typically associated with tropical and floral notes in the cup, which Daniel's coffee certainly delivers! The aromatics are lively with jasmine combining with orange blossom. There is a nice papaya fruit flavour that turns towards sticky apricot jam. The finish is candy-like, landing somewhere between double-bubble gum and a cream soda.