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Quietly Coffee - Allie & Lennie, Brazil 340g (12oz)

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Roasted June 8

Tasting Notes:
Creamy with Pear Tart & Reece’s Peanut Butter Cup.
Boa Esperança / Mantiqueira de Minas.
Tapera do Baú / Estancia Santa Luzia.
Mundo Nova / Yellow Catuaí.
Mountain Coffee.

Notes from Lee at Quietly:

Allie & Lennie is an homage to my Grandmothers and is roast profiled to evoke all my early coffee experiences. Visiting them in small-town Saskatchewan, I can still remember the smell of their coffee mugs on the table. With generous portions of milk and sugar in the cups and served with an ever-changing bounty of baked goods like saskatoon pie, vanilla shortbread, or plum dumplings, this espresso roast is designed to embody the perfect combination of all these warm sensory memories. 

Allie & Lennie rotates with fresh harvests from our producer network but will always tell stories of my grandmother’s kitchens. It showcases those crops that taste like the pies, cookies, and treats that I will forever associate with a cup of coffee.


You will not find many blends on the Quietly menu because our interest is in the singular expression of a place. We always want to experience those unique sensory elements tied to a producer's labour and the environmental elements of the farm. However, community lots or specific blends from small holder farms allow producers to reach the market and, simultaneously, they mean we are not bound to large scale operations. This special iteration of Allie & Lennie comes via Mountain Coffee and their 'Women in Coffee' series.

It is a two part blend, with one half originating from Luiza Macedo’s Tapera do Baú farm. Her expertise shines in the cup, given her degree in Agricultural Engineering from the University of São Paulo and Master’s in Agriculture from the Agronomic Institute of Campinas. She is currently working on her PhD and pays special attention to mineral nutrition, soil fertility, foliar fertilization and micronutrients in her crops. The second part comes from the Estancia Santa Luzia farm. It is owned and operated by the Mother and Daughter team Gabriela and Maria Silvia’s Estancia. Over the last decade, they have gained several certifications (including Fairtrade, Certifica Minas and 4C) and set up a very popular cafe and roaster. 

I think Allie & Lennie would both love this beautiful blend. It opens with a creamy sweet nuttiness that lands somewhere between peanut butter and brittle. There is a wave of chocolate that helps balance out the intricate but light malic acidity. The sweetness is the star with a syrupy cooked pear profile that tastes like a pear tart. The finish is long and full of creamy milk chocolate notes. It like a tray of baked goods jammed into the cup.