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Quietly Coffee - Allie & Lennie, Brazil 340g (12oz)

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Roasted January 12

Tasting Notes:
Apple Turnover & Reece’s Peanut Butter Cup.
Sãn João do Manhuaçu, Minas Gerais.
Yellow Catuaí.
Pulped Natural.
Cafe Imports

Notes from Lee at Quietly:

Allie & Lennie is an homage to my Grandmothers and roast profiled to evoke all my early coffee experiences. Visiting them in small-town Saskatchewan, their cups were always creamy and sweet served with an ever-changing bounty of baked goods like saskatoon pie, vanilla shortbread, or plum dumplings.

Allie & Lennie rotates with fresh harvests from our producer network but will always tell stories of my grandmother’s kitchens. It showcases those crops that taste like the pies, cookies, and the treats that I will forever associate with a cup of coffee.


José Dutra Sobrinho started the Dutra farm with a single hectare. He spent his life dedicated to coffee and after 50 years, he had slowly expanded the farm into a sprawling 500 hectare operation. Following his passing, his sons Ednilson and Walter took the farm’s helm. They enrolled in the Illy Coffee’s Università del Caffè in pursuit of expanded understanding of the science and economics of coffee. Armed with deeper knowledge and commitment to quality, the brothers began implementing changes to their production techniques and entering quality contests, as well as achieving multiple certifications (UTZ, 4C) and becoming part of the Brazilian Specialty Coffee Association. This is the Jatoba lot, a name which references the plot’s original farm name.

I think Allie & Lennie would both love this beautiful crop. It opens with a creamy sweet nuttiness that lands somewhere between peanut butter and brittle. There is a wave of chocolate that helps balance out the intricate but light malic acidity. The sweetness is the star with a syrupy cooked apple profile; think pie or turnover. The finish is long and full of creamy milk chocolate notes. It like a tray of baked goods jammed into the cup.