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Bows - Peru Micaela 300g (10.5oz)

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Roasted September 11

Tasting Notes:
Apple Chips, Pistachio, and Caramel.
Sandra Valley, Puno.
Borbón, Cattura, Typica.

Notes from Bows:

Each of the last 10 years we've purchased coffees from the Tupac Amaru co-op in Peru's southern province of Puno near Lake Titicaca. These coffees are distinct but have more profile commonalities to Bolivian coffees than the northern Peruvians we feature. Sandia Valley produces beautiful, if subtle, coffees that have a soft caramel sweetness and balanced, malic acidity. Baked apple and slight pistachio. Micaela Bastides was the co-leader of the largest Indigenous resistance to the Spanish colonizers along with her husband, Tupac Amaru. This is a pooled lot from 5 women who are members of the Tupac Co-op.