Statement Re: BLM

June 12, 2020
We are in the business of hospitality, the business of service. We are here to serve. We are here to serve those who walk through our doors, those we call colleagues, and those in our community. Part of service is humility. Part of service is gratitude. Part of service is listening. Part of service is continuously trying to improve. We are committed to continuous improvement, not continuous corporate growth at any cost. 

We stand in solidarity with Black Lives Matter as well as Indigenous and marginalized communities. And we ourselves have work to do. Here are a few steps we’re starting with today : 
- Since 2012 we have been exhibiting artwork in our cafe from artists across North America. Admittedly, our primary focus of diversity had been limited to that of equal representation between male/female artists. We acknowledge we need to further diversify the voices of artists we showcase and that curatorial work is underway.

- We will open up our physical space at 468 Main Street for BIPOC organizers in need of private meeting space after hours. 

We are interested in meaningful, long lasting actions that will outlive the veneer of good intentions. Let's get off our screens, listen to and amplify the voice of others, educate ourselves, start/continue dialogue, flag bullshit, and above all - let us help restore one another and fight this fight together. 

Feedback, suggestions, criticism (constructive or otherwise) can also be sent via email / telephone / in-person. Let’s coordinate a time to meet face to face, over a beverage perhaps? Time will be set aside for this.
Peace to you and yours,
Nils Vik
Owner of Parlour Coffee