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Quietly Coffee - Magnolia, Ethiopia 340g (12oz)

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Roasted January 12

Tasting Notes: 
Rose, Blood Orange, & Watermelon.
Teri City, Odo Shakiso District, Guji.
26 Mancity Outgrowers. 
Local Landraces.
Maya at Crop to Cup. 

Notes from Lee at Quietly:


Magnolia is my love letter to espresso. It delights in those surprisingly fruity shots with bright and sparkling acidity. It always seeks out sweetness paired with stunning clarity and vibrancy. It is all the best aspects of modern espresso and works to remind me that the possibilities for a good cup are endless when we forever seek coffees that are in bloom.  


Aklilu Kassa and his son, Biniam Aklilu Kassa, run the Dimtu washing station network. Across 8 locations, they collect crops from nearly 450 producers. This special lot comes from 26 farmers known as the Mancity (or Manciti) Outgrowers, who contribute to the washing station in Tero. Of the 2 lots we brought in this harvest, this natural offering dries with fruit intact on raised beds for just under two weeks.

The quality is outstanding, which is unsurprising given that the 26 members of Mancity Outgrowers gained organic certification this past harvest. Their approach dovetails perfectly with the larger Dimtu network’s focus on education and sustainability. Under which, farmers receive seedlings, organic fertilizers and indigenous shade trees, as well as help with best pruning and intercropping techniques to prevent erosion and protect the area’s fragile ecosystem.

This is the first ever natural processed coffee in Magnolia but when I first cupped it, I knew all its juicy citrus notes of tangerine and blood orange would be a perfect fit. There is a big bouquet of floral notes, with rose giving way to honeysuckle that set up the round body of the cup and its sweet melon finish. And while this natural offering is likely going to be an exception to the rule, all those big fruit notes linked to the natural processing find a perfect home in the sweet and floral tradition of Magnolia.