Quietly Coffee - Colombia Frank Torres 340g (12oz)

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Roasted May 7

Tasting Notes:
Red Anjou Pear, Tangerine & Toscakaka Torte.
La Union, Narino.
La Indonesia.
Fully Washed.

Notes from Lee at Quietly:


The La Indonesia farm has been in the Torres family for over 40 years. At just over 2 hectares, Frank dedicates most of the land to coffee and plantains. He started his coffee career by working for Starbucks' specialty coffee program before becoming a green buyer for several importers. Such experience informs his innovative approach to processing and explains why he grows so many unique lots. He is also very conscious of environmental impacts and focused heavily on soil conservation and biodiversity at farm level. As of this year 90% of his farm production is organic.

For year four with Frank Torres, we doubled down, or perhaps more accurately, tripled down and brought in three different varieties: Colombia, Maracaturra, and Sidra! While we are sadly down to the final lot, the ‘saved the best for last’ cliché comes to mind! This Maracaturra varietal is a naturally propagated hybrid of Maragogype and Caturra. It went through Frank's 'reposado' sealed tank processing, in which fresh cherries soak in water for 24 hours before milling. . 

This is the first time I have roasted a Maracaturra and it continues to be a fun challenge! The bean’s hefty size requires a fair bit of heat, but given its rather airy composition, ending cool really opens up a complex and sweet profile. The cup has a nice berry acidity, like blueberry or saskatoons with their juicy tart bite. This shifts toward cooked orange notes before an intensely cream note. Think tangerine or clementine on one hand, table cream on the other. The cup is heavy but clean with a nice milk chocolate and cookie wafer finish.