Little Sister - Stargazer Espresso 340g (12oz)

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 Roasted May 13

Tasting Notes: 
Cranberry, Nut, Chocolate
Chalatenango and Achuachapán, El Salvador
Many Small Scale Coffee Producers
Washed, 14-18 hour Fermentation.
Pacas, Bourbon, Cattura. 

Notes from Little Sister:

Yeah it’s getting late, but then, that was always the plan. You needed a little kick to get you here.  It’s crisp + clear + powerful: a warm dark punctuated by tiny points of light.  Drink up, Stargazer.

Stargazer currently features El Salvador La Meseta, a coffee named after a central plateau formed in El Salvador - the highest part of which is where this coffee is grown, processed and dried. La Meseta is a blend of 'peaberry' beans - which are as cute-looking as they sound. Peaberry’s are a result of a relatively rare and small mutation in which only one coffee bean develops within the cherry - creating a small oval bean often sought after for a superior flavour profile.

If you used to like Dogwood's Bearhug, you’ll LOVE this. :)