Hot off the Aeropress

Thing number 1: If you haven't noticed, we've been nerding out over the Aerobie Aeropress brewing system lately -- well, since Stephen's epic collapse at the Canadian Aeropress championship we've been playing around with these lil' dudes. Seriously, you thought Apple's iPad was magic, but uh-uh you're wrong, the Aeropress is magic. It doubles as a frisbee just like can be expected from Aerobie -- nope, that's not true. Also, Stephen did just fine, considering he lost to the Canadian semi-finalist. He's a great barista, I promise.

Thing number 2: You should brew with an Aeropress at home. Some of us here at Parlour use the Aeropress to brew coffee in the afternoon when we don't want to make a big ol' press, pour-over, or pot o' brew. It gives me just enough caffeine to keep me tossing and turning at night! Some of us take it camping because, let's be honest, do ya really want to bring a goose-neck kettle, ceramic dripper, and glass decanter into the wild? Good luck Gatsby. You're better off pulling a Willie Wonka and imbibing your beverage brewed through the magic, and nearly indestructible Aeropress. You could probably pack it under an anvil in your bags and it'd be fine. It also packs super easily into any carry-on for those cross continental or pond-hopping trips.... AND it freaks the security guards out when it goes through the X-ray machine because it resembles... well, something that rhymes with bipe tom. Better keep it in an easily accessible place, then brag to the security guard about how you will be able to brew the best cup on the plane (actually it's not easy to do on the plane ... just use it when you land, k?) 

Thing 3: The Aeropress World Championship happened in Seattle not to long ago. Remember how Stephen lost to the runner up in the Canadian Aeropress championship? Well, the guy who beat the runner-up, which is to say, the winner of the competition went on to compete in the "worlds." Yep, that's how cool you can be when you work in coffee ... go and compete and try to win and be famous to a small group of coffee nerds. Sign me up. Anyway, the Winner, Nick Hatch competed and in great Canadian fashion, he placed 2nd! Hey, it's not Olympic Hockey. (Just kidding, Canada is awesome at lots of stuff.) So.... without further ado, here is Nick's recipe along with one that gave him a run for his money (3rd place) and the one that kept him humble (1st). 

Kaye Joy Ong, Habitual Coffee, The Philippines


  • Standard brew method
  • 22.5 grams of coffee ground at #4 setting on Mahlkönig EK43 grinder
  • Heat water to 79 Celsius
  • Add 56 grams of water
  • Bloom 30 seconds
  • Add the rest of the water (to 280 grams) in 1 minute
  • Press for 30 seconds.

Nick Hatch, Eight Ounce Coffee, Canada

(2nd PLACE)

  • Standard Brew Method
  • 17.5 grams of coffee ground at "17" on a Baratza Virtuoso grinder
  • Heat water to 85 Celsius
  • Add 50-60 grams of water
  • Stir five times
  • Let bloom for 25 seconds
  • Add the rest of the water (280 grams) in 20 seconds
  • 1 minute plunge in a cold cup.

Lukas Zahradnik, Green Plantation Coffee, Slovakia


  • Inverted Brew Method
  • 20 grams of coffee ground at the “7.3” setting on a Mahlkönig EK34 
  • Heat water to 79 Celsius
  • Add 60 grams of water
  • Turbulent wiggle 15 seconds
  • 30 second bloom
  • Add the rest of the water in 10 seconds
  • 45 seconds press
  • 1:37 minute total brew time

Here is a link to some coverage and photos of the shenanigans in Canada

Here is a link to the world Aeropress shenanigans in Seattle

My recent personal Aerofoible - don't worry! We are working on a How To Video which includes some tips and tricks along with our very own recipe.

My recent personal Aerofoible - don't worry! We are working on a How To Video which includes some tips and tricks along with our very own recipe.