Coffee Profile - Panama Carlos Aguilera

Panama, Carlos Aguilera from Phil & Sebastian Coffee Roasters


Panama may not have a reputation for being a top coffee producing nation, but when one tastes a coffee like this one produced by Carlos Aguilera, it is as if you’ve freed a genie from a bottle and said, “Hey, can I have an amazing coffee to drink please” and the genie says, “Yep! Here you go!” For the record, Carlos’ relation to Christina Aguilera remains unknown, but  I still choose to believe she is his daughter and works at the coffee farm on holidays singing to the trees giving high fives to her fellow coffee cherry picker friends who are clearly responsible for her early success (She’s not been there in a while, hence the career decline, obviously).

Interesting fact about Panamanian coffees: The only good ones come from farmers who sport one of these. That’s false. But really, the high altitude at which many Panamanian coffees are grown makes for a truly delicious product. Don’t believe me? Well, try it out! We’ve got Carlos Aguilera, Carmen Estate roasted by Phil & Sebastian on the brew bar right now! Also you could read this history of coffee in Panama if you are a coffee or history nerd, which I assume you are at least one of those if you are reading this. 

What should you expect when we brew up a cup o’ this gold for you? Well, for starters, those tasting notes provided by Phil & Sebastian I listed above are pretty darn accurate. But you should know that what P&S list on their bags isn’t always the only thing you will find. Even the fine folks at P&S themselves know this and will detect different tasting notes from week to week and roast to roast, season to season. A few weeks ago the same coffee was described as Floral / Hard Candy / Marzipan. We’ve been brewing this up for ourselves and sipping yours before we hand it off* and we’ve been tasting Pear, and Brown Sugar — the astute reader will point out that pear is an orchard fruit and caramel and brown sugar are nearly one and the same. It just goes to show that a coffee can be described in myriad ways and all are possibly correct. The mega coffee nerds at Counter Culture Coffee have created this complex tasting wheel to help you get started! Use it!


We’ve been loving this coffee lately and we think you will too. I could probably wax poetic about how good of a farmer Carlos is, or how Phil & Sebastian went to extreme levels of nerdery to find a perfect roast profile but wouldn’t it be better to read it from the source!? 

I’ve linked some neat-o pages below, but before you go there here is one final note of interest: There are four harvest dates for this coffee, which helps explain why the dominant tasting notes change. The harvest dates are from “New Year,” “January” “early February,” and “late February.”  Ask us which harvest we are brewing for you when you order a pour-over or what you are picking up when you buy a bag. Hint: It’s printed on the bag too, silly. 

Here is P&S’ page on Carlos Aguilera

Here is Carmen Estate’s very own webpage

Here are some facts I copied and pasted from Phil & Sebastian’s website in case you are too lazy to click your mouse/trackpad:

Region: Volcán 

Farm: Carmen Estate 

Lot: Año Nuevo 

Elevation: 1700–1900 m 

Varieties: Caturra 

Processing: Mechanical, Fully Washed 

Drying: Patio and Guardiola 

Transport: Refrigerated Container 

Harvest Date: February 9, 13, and 18, 2014


*We do not, have not, and never will sip your drink before handing it off to you.