Imbibe This! It's the "Strange Brews Coffee News" Newsletter

For the past few months I have been writing a weekly coffee newsletter that is electronically distributed amongst the parlour staff. It's initial intent was to keep the Parlour staff updated on various aspects of the coffees we serve and sell, from tasting notes, to brewing parameter details, to processing notes handed down by the roasters and even bits of information about the farming methods and the farmers themselves. The idea, of course, was to keep us thinking about the coffees we love and serve, so that we could lovingly disseminate this knowledge to customers. Then we got thinking, "what if we semi-censored the amazingly wonderful, somewhat annoying, mostly bewildering and quasi-relevant internet hyperlink inside jokes that are so abundantly present in these mail-outs, and produced something consumers could view directly?" So here it is. Be warned, I used the words "semi-censored" with intent. Why? Because I just can't help myself. There will be hyperlinks to things pertaining to coffee, and there will be a few inside jokes.  It just wouldn't be right, nor would we be representing ourselves honestly if we refrained from sharing some of our silliness with you. 

Also, I'm longwinded and I promise to try to keep things concise. For this reason, I will attempt to discuss only one thing at a time, whether a coffee, a brew method, a story from our roasters or whatever else seems fit to print. I won't write about every coffee we have on the shelf right now because you'd fall asleep, no matter how much coffee you've consumed. Also, many of these coffees will live for multiple weeks on our shelves while they are in season (of course they are freshly roasted every week) and so I need not write about everything I've ordered for the coming week. I will however, profile one or two new coffees every week, some will be familiar from previous harvests, and some will be completely new! Look out, it's going to be bonkers. 


- Bryan